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Regular Board Meeting
May 04, 2015


Monday, May 4, 2015; River Falls Town Hall


Elected officials and staff present:  Diana G. Smith, Chair; John Galgowski, Siri Smith, Joe Mahoney, Brad Mogen, Supervisors; Ruth Stern, Clerk; Rita Kozak, Treasurer; Jerome Rodewald, Zoning Administrator; Brian Weber, Highway Dept. Supervisor


The meeting was called to order at 8:10 P.M. by Chair, Diana G. Smith.  Joe moved to approve the April 21st Annual Meeting minutes.  Siri seconded.  Motion carried.  Brad moved to approve the April 20th regular board meeting minutes.  Joe seconded.  Motion carried. 

Rita presented the May 4th treasurer’s report.  There is a money market balance of $392,846.36.  At this time one outstanding personal property tax account remains. Siri moved to approve the treasurer’s report.  Joe seconded.  Motion carried.

Plan Commission Recommendations:  The Plan Commission recommended approval of the Special Events Application for Peterson Family Farms (more information below). 

Road Work Bids:  Brian Weber opened and announced road work bids submitted by Monarch Paving, Pierce County Highway Dept., Scott Construction, Fahrner Asphalt and the St. Croix County Highway Department.  Brian will obtain the necessary clarifications so that bid awards can be made at the May 18th meeting. 

Brian also opened a bid from the Pierce County Highway Department for bridge maintenance work.  Brad moved that the Town approve Pierce County’s bid of $5696.00 for bridge maintenance work and that Brian verify all of the bridge locations with the county before work commences.  Siri seconded.  Motion carried.

Special Events Permit Application:  Jerome and Bev Peterson presented a special events permit application for the Pierce County Dairy Breakfast which will take place on the Peterson farm at W10322 Hwy. 29 on Saturday, June 20th.  The Peterson’s are also working with the  Pierce County Dairy Promotion Committee and the Farm Bureau to follow the required county procedures.  It was noted that at last year’s breakfast 1600 people attended and a larger turnout could be expected in a more populated area of the county.   The event will last four hours.  Siri moved to approve the Peterson Family Farm special events permit application for June 20th with proper notification being made to the emergency services departments.  John seconded.  Motion carried.

Dog Complaint at N6553 Cty. Rd. O:  Donald Pechacek Jr. was present to discuss dog control complaints.  Donald asked that he be contacted via his cell phone number if there are additional complaints so that he can address them in a timely manner.  He also stated that he will take care of licensing his animals.  The items which Mr. Pechacek agreed to will be recorded in the form of a follow-up letter to him.      

Hiring of Recycling Center Assistant/Other Recycling Dept. Issues:  Diana and Michele will schedule the interviewing process for a new assistant.  Diana will follow- up with a security issue at the Recycling Center brought forward by Michele.  The board felt that a hauler’s licensing permit and fee would be applicable to the Gorilla Dumpster Bag Company which has requested to use town roads for their travel routes.  

Farmland Preservation Plan & Rezone Requests:  Jerome reported that the Farmland Preservation map still needs a few revisions before submitting it to Pierce County.  Most land use designation concerns have been able to be resolved by working with the affected landowners.    A proposed Agriculture Enterprise Area may involve parts of the Towns of Clifton and River Falls and all of the Town of Martell resulting in approximately 57,000 acres.  There are approximately 23 Town of River Falls landowners interested in this program.

Review Legal Opinion on ETZ Regulations: The Town will contact the law firm of Bakke Norman for some further guidance on ETZ issues.

Burn Permit Violations:  The bills from the Rural Fire Association on three burn permit violations have not been received by the town yet. 

Town Committees:  Joe moved that the following appointments to town committees be made:  Wayne Sobota – ETZ; Sheila Schils – Chair of the Board of Appeals; John Galgowski – Ad Hoc; Brad Mogen – ETZ; Jerome Rodewald – Cemetery; Joe Mahoney – Parks; Siri Smith – Plan Commission.  Brad seconded.  Motion carried.  Diana noted that the Town Comprehensive Plan is required to be updated.  It has been 10 years since its initial approval.  Board members were asked to be thinking of town citizens that could sit on the Comprehensive Plan Update Committee as well as other town committees.    

Work on Employee Handbook:  The Highway and Zoning Department employee reviews are scheduled at 4:00 and 5:00 on Tuesday, May 19th.  The Recycling Department was tentatively scheduled for 4:30 P.M. on Tuesday, May 26th.  All sessions will meet at the Town Hall.

Change Date of Board/Zoning Payroll:  Brad moved that the payroll date for board members and the Zoning Department be moved from the third Monday to the first Monday of each month.  This will move the payroll date closer to when the actual work was completed and synchronize with month end reports submitted by the Zoning Department.  Joe seconded.  Motion carried.

Siri moved to approve the May 4th listing of bills.  John seconded.  Motion carried.

Joe moved to adjourn the meeting at 10:20 P.M.  Brad seconded.  Meeting adjourned.

                                                                                    Respectfully submitted,


                                                                                    Ruth Stern/Clerk

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