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Regular Town Board Meeting
Oct 06, 2014



Monday, October 6, 2014; River Falls Town Hall


Elected officials and staff present:  Diana G. Smith, Chair; Siri Smith, LeRoy Kusilek, Joe Mahoney, Brad Mogen, Supervisors; Ruth Stern, Clerk; Rita Kozak, Treasurer; Jerome Rodewald, Zoning Administrator; Michele DeLong-Reiter, Recycling Administrator


The meeting was called to order at 8:00 P.M. by Chair, Diana Smith.  Siri moved to approve the minutes of the September 15th regular board meeting with corrections as noted.  Brad Mogen seconded.  Motion carried.

Brad moved to approve the October 6th treasurer’s report.  There is a money market balance of $395,930.60.  Siri seconded.  Motion carried. 

Communications:  Jerome provided the biweekly zoning report.  Michele requested that a door be installed between the town shop and town shop office area to reduce both diesel fumes from the trucks and furnace fumes.  The board will complete a fence review at W7502 740th Ave. on Saturday, October 18th.  They will meet at 8:00 A.M. at the town hall.

Public Comments:  Julie Bruns, W9410 739th Ave., requested that the board look into guidelines or codes that necessitate the need for installing guardrails along town roads.  She specified a ditch section along 950th St. that she is concerned about.   Diana will take this request to the Town Road Committee for further review. 

Planning Commission Recommendations:  No recommendations were brought forward. 

St. Croix Valley Natural Gas Line:  Ruth will forward the appropriate fees and paperwork to St. Croix Valley Natural Gas.  The Town Hall will be hooked into a new gas line along 770th Ave.

Road & Bridge Maintenance Report: Diana distributed a progress report on bridge maintenance items that have already been completed and those that are scheduled to be completed in the near future.

Equipment Storage at Town Shop:  A second bid is being obtained for the construction of a lean-to shed that would be attached to the salt/sand storage shed.  The shed would provide additional storage for highway equipment. 

Tree Cutting Information:  No further information available at the meeting.

Farmland Preservation Plan:  Jerome reported on progress of the plan.  Implementation will be a two-step process with the Farmland Preservation portion being approved first, followed by public hearings that will address proposed zoning changes.  Having a completed plan will allow landowners to take advantage of farmland preservation tax incentives as well as allow agriculture enterprise areas to be formed. 

2015 Ambulance Contract:  Brad moved to sign the 2015 contract with the City of River Falls at a cost of $10.00 per town resident for a total contract amount of $22,750. Siri seconded.  Motion carried.

Website Resource Page:  Joe moved that the board approve a policy limiting the posting of additional website addresses on the town website to other governmental organizations or businesses that the town routinely does business with.  Brad seconded.  Motion carried.

LeRoy moved to approve the October 6th listing of town bills.  Brad seconded.  Motion carried.

LeRoy moved to adjourn the meeting at 9:45 P.M.  Joe seconded.  Motion carried.


                                                                        Respectfully submitted,


                                                                        Ruth Stern/Clerk

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