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Regular Town Board Meeting
Nov 02, 2015

Town of River Falls

Board Meeting

November 2, 2015


Town Board Members and Staff Present:  Diana G. Smith, Chair; John Galgowski, Joe Mahoney, Brad Mogen, Siri Smith, Supervisors; Rita Kozak, Treasurer; Jerome Rodewald, Zoning Administrator

Minutes:  Motion/second by Joe/John.  Approved

Treasurer’s Report: Motion/second by Siri/Brad.  Approved

Zoning Report-Jerome provided the bi-weekly zoning report.

Special Charges:

Motion/second by John/Joe.  Approved

Donald Pechacek $1064; Marilyn Halvorson $932.00

Fire Call Update

Private Underground Locating Fire Call is past due.  Motion/second by Brad/Joe that a letter be written to inform this business that at the next Board meeting, action will be taken to send the fire call to collections.

Paul/Leslee Miller fire call regarding extrication of son—no progress on payment.  Motion/second by Brad/Joe to send a final notice to the Millers regarding payment due.

Board/Staff Communications

Galgowski reported tire dumping along the road, and noted four tires on Barefoot Lane.

Smith indicated that the gravel on 1015th continues to be an issue and reported general unhappiness and concern of residents.

Smith mentioned a complaint from Sonja Steiner regarding her neighbor who has a large grass pile on his property as well as the neighbor riding around on his property on a 4-wheeler.  Smith indicated that if the neighbor rides on the road, Steiner can call the Sheriff and report this.

Smith noted a call from Joan Molloy about a pothole/culvert near Molloy’s driveway and the dry run.  The culvert needs replacement.

Smith reported that Heather Reed had called regarding the dumping of junk and three tires along 820th.

Smith circulated letters from the Ellsworth and River Falls school districts regarding the Strategic Planning Initiative—both districts are looking for individuals interested in serving on these initiatives.

Joe Mahoney inquired about the progress of the nuisance ordinance.  There is no set date for its hearing/vote.

Diana Smith indicated that a county land management study revealed that there is a shortage of low income housing and reported interest at the county level of asking for a revision of the town subdivision rules to include smaller lot size and low income housing.  Brad indicated that the Town had various parcels that contained low income housing including the mobile home park on Cemetery Road and the Vorwald Hill multiplex which are now part of the City of River Falls.

The Roads Committee met with Joe, Brad, Brian and Diana.

Tax Enclosure Letter

The tax enclosure letter was discussed.  Brad suggested a sidebar column with a heading such as “Failure to Read This Will Cost You $, Time and Headaches.”  This sidebar would contain brief snips information about burn permits, dog license, property tax, snow removal and snow/road parking.  It was suggested that a summary of the revaluation be included and mention that the new tax bill reflects property value based on the revaluation and that Associated Appraisal were a good working partner.  Farmland preservation action could also be summarized and mention made of the map completion and its inclusion in the Pierce County Comprehensive Plan.  A synopsis of current projects was suggested and this would include nuisance ordinance, the new zoning map, code book completion, the five year road plan and roads completed in the past year, voter ID and Town Hall improvements, IOH.

Board of Review date: May 19, 2016

Open Book to be determined by Walt.

The Annual Meeting date is April 19.

Clarification from Walt will be sought regarding. the Ag. Use letter.  More information is needed.

Chris Zeman/Broadband Issue

The information provided still is missing a name contact.  A letter will be written to Zeman to ask specifically for a name contact for the AT & T regional manager.


Smith reported on the trailer bill.  As of now, the Clerk is the first point of contact and the Board can now review the permit and set parameters and appeals in closed session.  The Class B definition now includes trailered equipment as well as any inplement used for harvest, fertilization of pesticides, including semi trailers. 

Motion/second by Siri/John to pass Ordinance 2015-5 to Opt-In.  Passed.


Future Agenda Items

Newsletter/tax insert

Road Damage due to heavy vehicles

Ag. Use Penalty

Nuisance Ordinance

Open Book date

Second meeting in December—Xmas party/committee member recognition meeting.

Audit/Pay Bills

Motion/second Joe/Siri.  Passed

Adjourn to Closed Session

Motion/second Joe/Brad.  Passed

Closed session 9:34 to 10:00 PM

Minutes Submitted by Town Treasurer, Rita Kozak

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