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Regular Town Board Meeting
Nov 10, 2014


Monday, November 10, 2014; River Falls Town Hall

Elected officials & staff present:  Diana G. Smith, Chair; Siri Smith, LeRoy Kusilek, Joe Mahoney, Brad Mogen, Supervisors; Ruth Stern, Clerk; Rita Kozak, Treasurer; Jerome Rodewald, Zoning Administrator

The board meeting was called to order at 8:15 P.M. by Diana Smith.  Brad moved to approve the minutes of the October 20th regular board meeting.  Joe seconded.  Motion carried.

Brad moved to approve the November 10th treasurer’s report.  There is a money market balance of $358,790.40.  Siri seconded.  Motion carried.  Siri moved that Leslie Beining’s outstanding fire call of 2011 be sent on to Credit Service International and included as part of Jared Snyder’s liability.  Synder was named the responsible party in the 2011 incident.  Joe seconded.  Motion carried.

Communications:  Jerome provided the biweekly zoning report.    Eric Johnson introduced himself as the River Falls Journal reporter covering town board meetings.   Ruth reviewed information that will go in the upcoming tax enclosure letter.  Siri moved that the town’s existing dog licensing form be revised to include references to state statutes regarding late licensing fees.  Joe seconded.  Motion carried.  Diana reported that a door had been installed between the Town Shop and Town Shop office area.

Public Comments:  None

Planning Commission Recommendations:  Siri moved that a building permit application from Lund Builders be approved for a dwelling for Dane and Tara Ferguson at N8049 975th St.  Joe seconded.  Motion carried.  Siri moved that a building permit application from Derrick Homes be approved for a replacement dwelling for David and Ruth Frank at W10184 Cty. Rd. FF.  The old home will need to be removed when the new home is complete.  LeRoy seconded.  Motion carried. 

Converting Town Hall Furnace to Natural Gas:  Brad moved that Scott Bjork be awarded the bid to convert the town hall furnace from propane to natural gas at a cost of $375.00.  Joe seconded. Motion carried.

2015 Town Budget:  Brad moved that the 2015 proposed town budget of $792,219 be approved.  Siri seconded.  Motion carried.

Road & Bridge Maintenance:  Diana reported that rip-rapping has been completed around an additional town bridge. 

Equipment Storage at Town Shop:  Joe moved that the board approve a proposal from A&J Construction to construct a lean-to addition onto the existing salt/sand shed.  This may includethe addition of a vapor barrier at a total project cost not to exceed $12,000.  Siri seconded.  Motion carried.

Tree Cutting Information:  Diana reported that Brian will line up approximately two more days of tree cutting services this year on roads that will have more extensive maintenance work done on them in 2015. 

Fence Review Update:  Postponed to November 17th meeting. 

Special Charges on Town Tax Roll:  Rita reported that there are no special charges to place on the 2014 tax roll.

Farmland Preservation Program: Discussion was held on the Farmland Preservation Plan.  The Town is currently waiting for Pierce County to approve the plan maps.

Siri moved to approve the November 10th listing of bills.  LeRoy seconded.  Motion carried.

LeRoy moved that the board go into closed session pursuant to Wisconsin Statutes 19.85 (1)(c) as posted.  Siri seconded.  Motion carried. 

Siri moved to go back into open session.  LeRoy seconded. Motion carried.

Joe moved to adjourn the meeting at 9:45 P.M.  Brad seconded.  Motion carried. 

                                                                                    Respectfully submitted,


                                                                                    Ruth Stern/Clerk

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