Town Services

tns1Welcome to the town of River Falls. You’ve chosen a good place to live. Our town borders the City of River Falls on three sides. We have a population of approximately 2400 residents.

According to a survey conducted in 1993, Town residents value the rural atmosphere most, followed by our town’s proximity to the Twin Cities.

Folks are friendly here, and it’s a beautiful place to live! Your Town Board has prepared this brochure to inform you of the services the town provides and some of the ordinances that may affect you.

The Town Board of River Falls urges all citizens to become involved in local government. Town meetings are held at the Town Hall on the first and third Monday of each month. Watch the River Falls Journal for meeting times. Feel free to call any of the board members if you have questions or if you wish to serve on a Town committee.

Building permits are required for all new buildings and additions or alterations to existing buildings. Obtain your permit from town zoning administrator Jerome Rodewald (715) 425-0228 to see that all town zoning and density requirements are followed.

tns2The Town Recycling Center, at N7750 State Road 65 (the town garage), is open from 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. on Saturdays. It is also open on Wednesday evenings from 5:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. fromthe month of April through the month of October. Recyclables don’t have to be separated but must be clean. Appliances will be accepted for a fee. You may dispose of garbage at the center at a cost of $4.00-$6.00 per bag (cost depends on the size of the bag) .

Lawn clippings and waste won’t be accepted. Brush and leaves may be burned after obtaining a burning permit (free of charge) from any Board member, Town Clerk, Town Treasurer, staff member, or at the Town Recycling Center.

tns3The City of River Falls Fire Department and the Rural Fire Association work together to provide fire protection in our town. Fire calls are billed to the owner, not the renter, of a property. All fire calls cost $800--whether a false alarm or a six-hour blaze. Be sure to get a burning permit--and be careful!

tns4Dogs must be licensed and may not run at large. Barking dogs may be considered a nuisance. Fines of from $150.00 to $500.00 may be levied against the owners of dogs creating a public nuisance by running at large, biting persons or other animals, or harrying livestock.

Our sixty miles of town roads are maintained by our two town employees. Snowplowing is done within twenty-four hours of the storm, with main roads being plowed first. Of our town's 60+ miles of roads, about 30 are classified first priority plowing and sanding roads. The balance will be plowed and sanded as time allows. The town's goal is to maintain the roads as well as weather, equipment, and budget allows.

tns5Roads given number one priority are major and minor collector roads as defined by the state. Number two roads are the daily traveled school bus routes. Number three roads are the daily traveled milk routes.

Employees are allowed to plow and sand private driveways, for a fee and with permission of the town chairman, when plowing of the town roads is completed. Steep or dangerous drives will not be plowed or sanded. 

Residents may purchase up to two loads of crushed rock from the town's supply delivered to their homes. For each load delivered, the resident will be billed at the current rate.

tns6Animal control problems should be reported to the town's animal control officer (LeRoy Kusilek at (715) 425-6185. In an emergency contact the Pierce County Sheriff’s Department, at (715) 273-5051.

tns7Voting in town, county, school district, state, and national elections takes place at the town hall. Polling hours are from 7:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. for all elections. If you are unable to go to the polls, obtain an absentee ballot from the town clerk prior to Election Day.